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Does Zoomos create product descriptions for Magento?

  • Yes, you can make any products' descriptions for Magento at Zoomos.

    Nowadays Magento is among the most popular management systems in e-commerce.  This CMS has the biggest community that develops a huge number of modules and extensions for it. Product portfolios here are distinctive and different from other CMS's ones. However, Zoomos developed by experienced programmers allows to process product descriptions for many e-commerce web applications, including different versions of Magento.

    Magento script is translated into almost 60 languages. Though language version of your Magento doesn't matter  to descriptions creation.

    You just need to mention your CMS's name while ordering this service and you'll get descriptions delivered in necessary format suitable for your CMS.

    You can read how do provided by us product descriptions for online stores look like and how the process of filling online store with products is accomplished for Magento at Zoomos.You can try the system in test mode for free. Zoomos will help you to widen your business and not to think about Magento features! Register and get started!

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