We create
product descriptions and photos
for your online store.

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Now it's easier than ever to fill your store! We suggest you

Filling your online store with product portfolios containing photos and descriptions

For today our catalog consists of more than 1,000,000 products and every day our analysts add to the catalog,
1,000 new products

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How do provided by us descriptions for your products look like

— html-descriptions (text)

— descriptions with attributes (if you plan to make seach with parameters available on your site)

Product categories
for which we provide descriptions

with the examples of work

The way we organize work process

You just need

to send us the list of products to be added on your site.

You send us products list that needs filling. You can also send suppliers’ price list. Then we prepare all necessary descriptions and photos according to your list. Import file with descriptions for your store is formed
And finally products’ photos are copied to FTR-server where your site is located and file is imported to your site by pressing just one button.That’s it! Your store is filled. The type of file depends on the content management system (CMS) you use. Usually import file is made in CVS or XML format. File structure can be modified taking into account your CMS requirements.

How much does it cost?

up to 1000 descriptions up to 3000 descriptions up to 5000 descriptions up to 10000 descriptions and more
Russia $0,4 per description $0,35 per description $0,3 per description $0,25 per description*
Belarus $0,3 per product $0.25 per product $0.2 per product $0.15 per product*
free** free** free** free**

* Provided that products are available in ZOOMOS database
** Payment only for products that are not in ZOOMOS database

Additional services

  • Automatic new products’ import to your site service performed by our specialists costs $15 per hour.

Fees for products’ descriptions for online store filter

Russia $0,04 per attribute
Belarus $0,04 per attribute

Filter attributes can be provided through our API or in CSV file.

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