Competitor price
monitoring and analysis

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Online Stores

now competitive

retal price generation

process is automated

and easy

the process is based on

up-to-date competotors’ prices


save time on the implementation

of competitor and distributor

price monitoring

you can compare

your prices and

competitors’ ones.

When this service is irreplaceable for your store

Online Stores

it’s necessary to automate the setting margin process according to wholesale suppliers’ prices

during the setting margin process on a product you need to use competitor prices, and the process must be fully automated

you need to see product categories and brands cutoff as a result of competitor price monitoring

competitor price monitoring is necessary on trading platforms

it’s necessary to approach
competitor price monitoring
on specific websites


you have a lot of competitors and suppliers and would like to know and compare their wholesale prices with yours

you would like to receive accurate price comparisons in the form of reports-cutoffs for your categories and brands

you need to control your MRP (minimum retail price) and track clients who reduce their prices

The way we organize work process

We provide you with access
to the web interface
You visit the price lists download page and download your price lists, prices for which you want to analyze and monitor
The items of products which competitor prices are equal to yours or greater than yours are highlighted in green, and vice versa, the items which competitor retail prices are lower than yours are highlighted in red. After that the page “Competitors” is available. There you can find all your products from the list, your wholesale or retail price and retail prices in additional columns
Now you can download the report about all competitors in CSV format, for example, for further analysis or import in 1C

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