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Does Zoomos create product descriptions for Umi CMS?

  • Yes, you can make any products' descriptions for Umi CMS and stores poered by this engine at Zoomos. Automatic description and charachetistics filling is as easy and quick as never!

    Commercial (paid) content management system Umi CMS is used in e-commerce for online stores creation. This system was created in Russia and adapted to the projets on the Russian language. Different vesrsions of UMI.CMS differ by their functionality, modules number and sites. "Online Store" module powered by Umi CMS provides proper functioning of Internet business of all sizes.

    Umi CMS's product portfolio is distinctive and different from other CMS's ones, that's why simple import from other systems and, moreover, automated product portfolios filling aren't always easy and quick. However, Zoomos system developed by experienced programmers allows to process product descriptions for many e-commerce scripts, including different versions of Umi CMS regardless your store's layout template.

    Language version of your system also doesn't matter  to automatic descriptions creation at Zoomos. That is to say, online store on any language with any additions and modules won't be a limitation for products' descriptions creation.

    You can read how do provided by us product descriptions for online stores look like and how the process of filling online store with products is accomplished for UmiCMS at Zoomos.You can try the system in test mode for free.

    Zoomos helps you to widen your Internet business and not to think about Umi CMS features! Register and get started!

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