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Do you make household goods descriptions?

  • Yes, we create household goods descriptions for online stores and catalogs. Zoomos database of household goods’ descriptions counts more than 40,000 items. This is much more than the average number of items in online store household goods assortment.

    Despite such number of household goods descriptions, the system guarantees the minimum number of errors in the descriptions and specifications. How do we achieve this? Read more to find out how household goods descriptions are created in Zoomos.

    • No difference in pricing when creating descriptions in “Household goods” category comparing to another categories!
    • Honest copywriting policy - Zoomos doesn’t generate text descriptions automatically!
    • Price and availability updates based on different suppliers’ prices!
    • Quick update of any household goods number (maximum some days)!

    High texts' and photos' relevance provides you with high conversion to sales. Besides, you can even make this effect stronger by ordering selling texts for product portfolios at Zoomos.

    Feel free to call to our Skype: zoomos. or phone +37533 36-18-444. We'll be glad to hear from you and help your household goods sales grow!

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