Suppliers’ price lists processing

Dynamic pricing for my store products?

  • Zoomos allows you to implement dynamic pricing for your store products according to your suppliers’ price lists. It’s a novelty!

    The key idea of dynamic pricing is to set margin rules (by brands, product categories, suppliers) only once and then to enable the option for product pricing taking into account competitors’ prices. In some seconds the system will download all your competitors’ prices, correlate them to your margin rules and generate your competitive retail price automatically.

    Let’s look through the main points:

    1. download all your competitor prices

    2. correlate them to your margin rules

    3. generate your competitive retail price automatically

    That’s it!

    Read more to find out how the system of price management works and when you’re ready to work with it, feel free to text or call to our Skype: zoomos. or phone +37533 36-18-444. We’ll be glad to hear from you and help your store with setting dynamic pricing!

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