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How to make new product descriptions?

  • You can make new product descriptions manually only if you have limited number of products. When store or catalogue assortment counts hundreds and thousands of items and moreover a constant process of category updates (products number, specifications, availability, price etc.) is accomplished, time required for new descriprions grows significantly.

    You can see our calculation of required time and money for manual creation of new descriptions on the link.

    Zoomos suggests you to automate the new product descriprions creation process.

    How to make new product descriptions with the help of our system? You just need to send a list of your products or your supplier's price list to and in some days you'll be able to see all necessary products online in your categories.

    Besides, Zoomos suggests unique service of price lists processing. System can pick out all the new items in supplier's price list and import them to your site automatically. You save time on the comparison of items and on the search of new products in huge suplliers' price lists. And moreover, you exclude the possibility of errors.

    Price lists processing system updates products' prices and availability statuses easily. It also picks out the list of products that are available in your suppliers' price lists and absent on your site.

    Thus, the task "how to make new product descriptions" becomes easier for inline stores' owners.

    For detail and real examples of new product descriptions follod the link (click on the category title and you'll see a popup window).

    If you have any questions, feel free to call to our Skype: zoomos. or phone +37533 36-18-444. We'll be glad to hear from you and cooperate with you!

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