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Content manager wanted

  • Ads where online store content manager is wanted have become regular today. Zoomos system is solving this problem quickly and effectively.

    Don’t get us wrong, Zoomos doesn’t offer its content managers remotely or on any other conditions. System suggests you wholesale content supply for your online store without necessity for your store manager to process data manually.

    Zoomos offers ready content of the following kinds:

    1. Text descriptions for product portfolios
    2. Ready technical parameters descriptions for all products
    3. Product photos from different angles
    4. Unique products text descriptions

    System automatically imports picked out content into your online store regardless your store engine and other features. Moreover, we’re processing price lists and automating price and availability updates. It means that 80% of content manager work can be done automatically. Thus, you save time on looking for such specialists and their quantity. And besides, you can seriously increase the pace of changes implementation which is important for users and has a positive impact on conversion.

    You can see calculation of the system efficiency on the following link.

    Сall to our Skype zoomos. or phone +37533 36-18-444. We’ll be glad to hear from you and help your internet sales grow!

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