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Is Zoomos a product descriptons generator?

  • Zoomos isn't  a product descriptons generator. The key system principle is different.

    1. Text descriptions are created based on producers' essentials and widen with trading platrorms' descriptions (including manual translation from other languages).
    2. Product photos are created based on producers' photos including ones from printed catalogues and cleaned from any "copyright".
    3. Parameters and attributes descriptions are created based on parameters from official producers' web sites and are manually checked by the moderators team.
    4. All the descriptions will be checked again after some time on the subject of relevance to the official descriptions and modifications appearance.
    5. After client’s query the system generates the list of existing products for import to online store according to the chosen positions, technical attributes and other parameters. Absent products are added to the database, then to client’s list and, finally, to the client’s web site.

    Besides, the system allows user to participate in product descriptions modification by suggesting corrections and new products to the database (now this function is available in both test mode and by query).

    Thus, it’s neither complete automatic descriptions generation nor complete product parcing from the other sites.

    System provided you with unique product descriptions and errors testing. 90% of these descriptions is enough to provide page relevance (product portfolio) and its output in search results of any search engine. Great quality descriptions characteristics increase conversion to sales.

    Feel free to call to our Skype: zoomos. or phone +37533 36-18-444. We'll be glad to hear from you and help your sales grow!

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