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Is product parcing for online store available?

  • Yes, it’s available. Product parcing for online stores in Zoomos system is usually implemented beforehand – we use producers’ sites for this. For now more than some thousand descriptions are available at the system, where it’s easy to pick out those necessary for you. While it’s possible to organize products parcing from any online store on query including real time "Now-on-now."

    How does it work? For example, you liked product descriptions style on some site (technical parameters, producers’ photos set, approach to product portfolio formation etc.) and you want to do the same for your store. You can do it manually by writing matches and filling the fields with product descriptions. There is another option – you can do it automatically – here Zoomos can help you!

    You just need to send us the link to the web site, form your requirements for content pacing and mention requirements for descriptions import to your store. After product parcing implementation you’ll get descriptions and photos ordered by you in necessary format. You’ll just need to import this information into your store.

    You can call to our Skype zoomos. or phone +37533 36-18-444. We’ll be glad to hear from you and help your internet sales grow!

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