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Is Zoomos a content shop?

  • No, Zoomos is neither a content shop nor an article exchange for online stores.

    In content shop you can order ready articles on specific topics or pay for copywriters’ work based on your technical brief. In this situation the customer has to choose between performers of different levels because of the large number of copywriters. It can be both a plus and a minus, as it’s difficult to understand at once who of them can write really selling product portfolios.

    Zoomos key idea is essentially different. We can also create custom selling texts, though system unique selling proposal is that here you can get ready wholesale product descriptions in a short time. These descriptions include product essentials as well as technical features + photos from various angles. Thus, in a few days your store can get hundreds and thousands of well described products from different categories. It significantly facilitates your store content filling during the start phase and it’s also demanded for constant assortment updates. You can see calculation of the system efficiency here.

    Сall to our Skype zoomos. or phone +37533 36-18-444. We’ll be glad to hear from you and help your internet sales grow!

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